LeMay Electric Inc. Our Team

Our Team


The LeMay Electric team is the fabric of our company, our culture and is the essence of what makes us so valuable to you. Many of our associates have been with the company for over 20 years.

At LeMay Electric, we have facilitated and aided in the development of Quality Electrical Industry Professionals alongside the partner staff of the Independent Electrical Contractors since our involvment with the Atlanta Chapter of the IEC began in late 1986. We are proud of all of the men and women who have learned and developed their craft while working with the professionals at LeMay Electric, Inc.

Team participants at LeMay Electric go beyond our internal employees and include sound counsel with pastors and professionals at our church home, First Baptist Church of Woodstock, our accounting firm of Kirschner & Associates, our P&C partner at the Harbin Agency, our surety relationship with Liberty Mutual and our financial partners at the Charter Bank. Executives from these organizations participate in our strategic planning to insure that we will continue to offer strong support to you for many years to come. 


Our goal is to be the highest performing team that your firm will come to rely upon for the execution of your Electrical Construction projects in the most Professional, Innovative and Dependable manner



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