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2009 IEC Contractor of the Year

Thomas LeMay and LeMay Electric, Inc. is named the 2009 IEC Contractor or the Year!

It is an honor to be named The IEC Contractor of the Year and I thank the associates at LeMay Electric for making this award possible.

Our team has allowed me the opportunity to serve the electrical industry in many special ways including the Atlanta IEC Board of Directors, The Atlanta IEC memberhsip committee, The IEC National Awards Committee, The IEC National Codes and Standards Committee, Principle Member of NFPA National Electrical Code Making Panel No. 9 representing the IEC and many other related industry service committees.

I have been a part of this industry that is at the core of what energizes every building in our country since 1975 and I will continue to work to make it a great opportunity for those yet to come.


Proud Member of:
Proud Member of: