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Apprenticeship Training-Client Benefit

One of the best values that LeMay delivers is the skills, attitude and experience that can only come from Journey men and women who have graduated from a bonified apprenticeship program.

Our apprenticeship program is administered under the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training through the Atlanta Chapter of the Independent Electrical Contractors Association.

This countries greatest asset is the skill and know-how of its people. The future strength, defense and progress of our nation is dependent upon our commitment to preserving this asset by continually developing the skills and knowledge of our work force.

Apprenticeship training is a coalition of management, labor and government.

It involves planned, day-by-day training on the job and experience under proper supervision, combined with related technical instruction.

In its simplest terms, Apprenticeship is training in occupations that require a wide and diverse range of skills and knowledge, as well as maturity and independence of Judgment.

Experience shows that apprentices are more motivated, learn their jobs faster, attain craft worker status sooner and are more likely to become supervisors  than workers trained in other ways.

As a practice of modern industry, apprenticeship is a business-like system designed to provide workers entering industry with comprehensive training by exposing them to the practical and theoretical aspects of the work required in a highly skilled occupation. This is accomplished through structured training on the job and related theoretical instruction.

Our affiliation with the IEC and our participation in apprenticeship training classifies us as a Merit Shop, separating us from the "run of the mill" open shop electrical contractor of today.

The skilled work force you will find at LeMay Electric provides additional assurance of a dependable electrical installation on all of your projects.

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